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Deddington Church of England

Primary School

Inspire, Believe, Achieve

Our Christian Values

Through extensive consultation, the community of Deddington CE Primary School agreed 8 core values, underpinned by Christian teaching, Jesus’ teaching  and Biblical understanding. Values are beliefs that help us to make decisions about how to behave. Our values are rooted in our church school ethos, recognising our Christian foundation.


At Deddington our core values are: Perseverance, Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Faith, Friendship, Forgiveness and Responsibility; these values permeate throughout all areas of school life. The statement below is displayed throughout the school as a reminder of our values and their foundation:


“Showing respect for all, and guided by our Faith, we believe we have a responsibility to follow Jesus’ example for life. Like Jesus we aim to extend a hand of friendship to all, acting with kindness, forgiveness and honesty, whilst persevering even when things are tough!”