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Inspire, Believe, Achieve

Year 5

Who has inspired you this month?

We have learnt about many inspiring people recently, in Worship times and in our everyday lessons.

We asked Year 5 this month about the inspirational people they have learnt about and reflected upon this month and what we have been inspired to do.


Tudor Drama workshop. Some girls from Tudor Hall came to do a performance for us and a workshop. It was fun and they were great. They encouraged and inspired us to give it a go. Joe

My sister Amelia is teaching me how to draw dragons – Wilf

Teachers inspire you to do the best work at your ability and help you with your learning skills -Hamish

Rev. Annie inspires us to have a good life. Even if we don’t believe in God, to give us courage to believe in something. - Bronte.

Isaac Newton is a mathematician and scientist. He inspires me because I love maths and her was very good at it. He inspires me to do my best no matter what– Archie

My friends inspire me. Even if I am stuck on something they will help me – James E

My friends who play trumpet inspire me to learn to play new notes and improve on my playing. -James G

My dogs inspire me to get out and about in the fresh air – Mollie

Mr Welch inspired me to do my best. Freya Especially at sport -Connie

Rosa Parks inspires us to stand of for our rights and to show courageous advocacy as she did to stand up for the rights of black people – Tiana and Eliza

Ronaldo inspires me to play football and train harder to be better. He inspires me to persevere. - Hayden

Banksy inspires me so that I can do more Art and develop the art of spray painting in the future, I think his art is really interesting and I would love to see one in real life– Dylan

Demi Landbourne is a football player and she inspire me to train and push myself to the limits and do my best - Scott

Faf De Clerc is a South African rugby player, who inspires me to do well in Rugby and encourages me to be a good team player. - Joe

The creator of Nintendo inspire me to use my imagination in my writing and in my play as they are fantasy and bonkers– Edward

Mo Salah is a professional football player for Liverpool. He is one of my favourite players. He inspire me to practise so that I can score lots of goals like him. He plays right midfield. - Toby


Jane Goodall is a very kind and inspiring person. She is helping chimpanzees stay alive and not become extinct. Chimpanzees are losing their population because of people chopping down trees or them catching diseases. We are all very inspired by her and hope that chimpanzees gain population and live a happy life in the future– Lolly and Freya

Year 5 – Mrs B!!!!!!!!