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Deddington Church of England

Primary School

Inspire, Believe, Achieve

Our 6 Principles for Success

  1. There is a consistent, genuine and deep desire to do the best for all pupils and parents.
  2. Everyone demonstrates responsibility.
  3. There is a high degree of commitment to our whole school Christian values and ethos as well as our key policy principles. There is a strong sense of cohesion and consistency of approach.
  4. We have a strong vibrant professional culture. Everyone is confident and capable of challenging and being challenged. Throughout the school all staff are continually challenging each other and asking questions about how they are doing and how they could improve.
  5. The school functions around a deep inquiry approach. All staff are engaged in continual reflection around ‘how we are doing and how do we improve.’ Our community has a growth mind set and a solution based approach towards challenges.
  6. We are all committed to getting better at getting better.