Join our team at Deddington Primary School

At Deddington Primary school we believe in the concept of lifelong learning and  that both adults and children learn new things every day. We maintain that learning should be engaging and inclusive and be an enjoyable experience for everyone; it should be fun.


Through our teaching we equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices about the important things in their future lives. We believe that appropriate teaching and learning experiences help children to lead happy and rewarding lives. 


Here's what our pupils have to say about school life;

“We happily welcome new people to our community.”

“We love our exciting and interesting lessons. We are all great learners and we build our learning power!”

“All of our school team are kind and friendly.”

“Once a year we have an amazing whole school performance.”

“Our education always comes out on top!”

“We achieve wonderful things together.”

“We are a lovely Church school with amazing assemblies.”

“We have excellent sporting opportunities.”

“We have a huge field and lovely school grounds.”
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